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*ALL EVENTS START @ 12AM Eastern Unless Otherwise Specified!*
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RazeldaMizrahi, Sep 10, 11 2:42 AM.
Last weekend we did a complete run through of Anguish and the next night we did Demi, knocking out Redfang, Graniteclaw, Maggotmiser, and Hatchet the Torturer.

This weekend we have completed a run through of Plane of Time in 57 minutes, then decided go back to Anguish one more time, thus completing another run through of it in 53 minutes!

Tomorrow night 9/10 we are hosting a Solteris raid event. In the unfortunate event that we don't have the numbers for Solteris, we will do a run through in Tacvi! Have your swords and maces ready, because we're beginning formation at 11:45pm and will be starting at 12am Eastern time!

Please send tells to Razelda, Shaakti, or Fedyar for more information! Thank you!

Our mission :

RazeldaMizrahi, Sep 5, 11 1:04 AM.
We're essentially a late night alliance group. We take whatever people we can scrounge up, and knock out targets. We're pretty new, but we have a chat channel and vent to stay in touch with peeps. We also DO have a guild tag, but it's not actively used. We really just hide our alts in there =).

We are starting with old school raids to get some achievements and phat lewtz. Once we start building up a core of regulars, we will hopefully be moving into more difficult stuff, as well as knocking out progression.

There aren't any rules, besides no ninja looting. You do it once, and you're never welcome with us again (at which time we will also petition SOE). All items are /ran on if two people are really going head to head, but for the most part we pass on everything if someone wants or needs, and wait our turn. There is always a next time here.

Anyone interested in coming along for one night, or on a regular basis is more than welcome. Please feel free to send us a tell to Razelda, Shaakti, or Fedyar.
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